The Dream Doctors Project

is a unique non-profit organization that integrates therapeutic medical clowns (“Dream Doctors”) as an integral part of the healthcare staff in hospitals throughout Israel by training them to work as part of multidisciplinary teams.

They assist with various medical procedures, increasing patient wellbeing and promoting the efficacy of healthcare delivery.


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Every hospitalized child deserves a Dream Doctor...

"Clowns create an island of resilience; around them suddenly people who have been in a crisis or disaster are helped by the clowns to recreate a sense of community.

Professor Moody Lahad, Senior Medical Psychologist President of Community Stress Prevention Center at Tel Hai College

ליצנית רפואית עם ילד

"The way I see it, we must make every effort to try to integrate them on a regular basis into the Unit’s work, since they greatly improve the service we provide to child patients."

Dr. Ehud Rosenbloom, Director of the Pediatric Emergency Unit at Meir Medical Center