Specialized experts in the field of medical clowning- Train with us!

Dream Doctors presenting at a medical clowning symposium at the Kinderspital Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland. February, 2020


Based on two decades of experience working hand-in-hand with medical teams across Israel and as part of humanitarian missions around the world, Dream Doctors offer specialized expertise in the field of the medical clowning.  Dream Doctors combine a rich toolbox of professional skills that include street theatre, clowning techniques, performance arts, current medical and nursing practices and therapeutic care.  In Israel, DD training modules are now a part of the standard curriculum at two leading medical schools.  Dream Doctors are asked to lecture at medical, emergency relief and trauma-related conferences across the globe.  All DD training programs reflect the organization’s core values of compassion, generosity, care and respect for human life- regardless of a person’s religion, race, gender, age or cultural background.

Customized Training

Dream Doctors offer a wide range of customized online and in-person training and workshops, adapted to meet the needs and interests of communities from around the world.

Target Audiences

  • healthcare workers
  • educators
  • social workers and therapists
  • students
  • humanitarian organisations
  • professional clowning associations
  • community and volunteer groups around the world

In Partnership with Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The Dream Doctors Project was nominated by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to represent Israel abroad in a range of international conferences and venues.

Sample Training Topics:

  • History of therapeutic medical ‘clowning’ and benefits for patients
  • The importance of patient well-being in the advancement of healthcare delivery
  • The role of the medical clown within the hospital’s medical team
  • Evidence-based practice: an overview of scientific research about the benefits of therapeutic clowning

Applied skills:

  • Improve communication with patients through therapeutic ‘clowning’
  • The use of ‘clowning’ techniques for intervention with traumatized populations
  • Trust-building exercises to improve group dynamics with teams and patients
  • Tools to facilitate ‘burnout relief’ among staff members

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