In Times of Crisis

Dream Doctors specialise in crisis intervention and treating people in trauma during times of emergency and disaster.  Following successful collaboration with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on humanitarian relief missions around the world, the IDF decided to make Dream Doctors official members of reserve duty in 2015.   Since then, Dream Doctors are called upon for reserve duty in IDF humanitarian relief missions.  They are regarded as regular military soldiers for all intent and purposes and receive specialised training to help people and communities in times of crisis. .

Dream Doctors have travelled to disaster zones around the world including Nepal, Haiti, Uganda, Ethiopia and Chad, among others.  Dream Doctors were also in Houston after Hurricane Irma, Pittsburgh after the 2018 synagogue shooting, and in the Bahamas following the major earthquake in 2019.  In 2018, Israel’s Foreign Ministry sponsored a unique training opportunity for Dream Doctors to coach a team of Yazidis from Iraq- a group that was  severely victimised by ISIS- in the art of medical clowning.

In 2020, Dream Doctors are on the front-lines of COVID-19 working hand-in-hand with medical teams in all aspects of the pandemic.  Per hospital request, Dream Doctors were called upon to help coronavirus patients battling severe loneliness and alienation.  They responded without hesitation and  bravely stepped up to the challenge and are the only medical clowns in the world working inside corona wards.

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