Dream Doctor Shoshi Ofir was invited to Australia by the Humour Foundation’s Clown Doctors and the The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. She taught the clowns how to combine medical clowning with accompaniment and treatment for victims of neglect, physical violence, and sexual violence, and also taught doctors how to work with clowns.

One of the doctors said she felt that the presence of the clowns helped not only the patients but also herself and everyone else on the team. The Director of the Victorian Forensic Pediatric clinic thanked Shoshi on her behalf, on behalf of the patients and their families, and on behalf of the entire staff. She said that in the last week, since the clowns got into the work, there has already been tremendous positive change!

Shoshi also paid a visit to our dear friends at Moose Toys and gave a fun and fulfilling workshop for their staff alongside our Clown Doctor colleagues!!