Three of the Dream Doctors at Ziv Hospital, Eyal Serri, Yaron Ben-Menachem, and Shoshi Ofir are participating in a special training to become certified to work in the hospital’s “Snoezelen”. As far as we know, this is the first time that medical clowns have ever been included in this type of training or invited to work in a “white room” so the Dream Doctors Project is excited to be pioneering this new concept! Snoezelen is a very unique and special place inside the hospital and only professionals who are certified may lead therapy sessions there. The space has all kinds of equipment that allows for a completely customized multi-sensory experience where the patient is in total control of their surroundings and, through the guidance of a professional therapist, can create an optimized environment with incredible therapeutic benefits for behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, mental health, autism, brain injury and more. The Dream Doctors joining this team are thrilled to be on the exclusive list of therapists who can engage in this type of groundbreaking and specialized work with their young patients!