Dr. Erez On, Director of the Baruch Padeh Medical Center in Poriya, recently held his annual meeting with the hospital’s five Dream Doctors, who presented him with their activities in departments such as treatment of victims of sexual violence, oncology, and geriatric rehabilitation.

“The presence of the clowns creates a different atmosphere in the ward, and this affects both the families of the patients and the medical staff,” said Dream Doctor Shoshi Ofir.

“In the six years that I have been here, I have seen the process of change and assimilation in which the staff learns to make use of us, and to produce more and more benefits from the presence of medical clowns,” said Dream Doctor Shirley Goldstein

Dream Doctor Charlie Sofair told us about the important activities of the medical clowns in the meetings and treatment of the sick children who came from Syria as part of the “Good Neighbors” project. “We clowns can calm feelings of fear and anxiety and bring smiles to the Syrian children who suffered so much in recent years, for us language is not a barrier … ”

Dr. On concluded, “You are doing a blessed and important job and it is clear to us that it has a central place as part of the treatment and part of the healing process. Not only in connection with children, the medical clowns also contribute greatly to the process of caring for adult and geriatric patients. They help the patient mobilize the mental powers that will enable him to cope with the disease, reduce the level of fear, tension and feelings of loss of control and uncertainty.”