Our very own Dream Doctor Nimrod Eisenberg participated in the Seism 2018 (Earthquake 2018) international exercise in Bucharest, Romania, organized by the European Union. The exercise simulated a catastrophic 7.5 magnitude earthquake affecting 130,000 people.

The Israeli team had 160 active and reserve duty soldiers and was made up of a range of medical and para-medical staff. Of the participating countries including Austria, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Moldova, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, and Norway, Israel is the only one who brought a medical clown!

As the IDF Field Hospital is ranked best in the world by the United Nations and the first ever to achieve a Type 3 rating by the World Health Organization, other countries are looking to them for leadership. This is why we are so thrilled that one of our Dream Doctors is an essential part of the largest operational exercise that has been attended so far by the IDF medical Corps and is helping to strengthen cooperation between the IDF and the European Union. It’s so amazing that the idea of including trained therapeutic medical clowns in disaster relief missions is catching on and we are honored to lead this initiative!