Five Dream Doctors presented at HCIM 2018 – The Art of Clowning: Connecting Culture, Health and Science Conference, which was held in Vienna, Austria earlier this month.

Amnon Raviv gave a workshop on building rapport with patients and lectured on the academic steps towards promoting medical clowning as a recognized profession.

Shoshi Ofir presented on the effects of therapeutic clowning on the neural development of babies born prematurely and also on the medical clown’s role in reducing anxiety during the invasive examinations of children after suspected sexual abuse.

Talia Safra gave presentations on incorporating medical clowns into the education system and how medical clowns can work with people with mental illness.

Yaron Sancho Goshen spoke about his experience as a medical clown in Nepal after the earthquake in 2015.

Avital Dvory taught a puppetry workshop and gave a lecture on accompanying children to surgery.