Dream Doctors Rotem Goldenberg and Noam Inbar were sent by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on a two-week training mission to Macedonia and Albania where they taught techniques that can be used to offer emotional support for patients undergoing long-term treatments to both medical and non-medical staff.

Rotem described the very special experience: “On the first day when they arrived they were shy, not fully understanding what clowning was, and slowly their hearts opened, and the little child inside burst out. The days of practicum at the end of each workshop were very exciting. In the summary conversation, one nurse said she was already realizing what she had learned in her shifts at the hospital, and that the atmosphere had already changed. Another nurse said she gave a lecture to her team, and introduced humor and lightness she never thought she had. One doctor said she started to use these tools with her child, and that helps her cope with him, and more … In short, a pleasure!”