Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2018

Five Dream Doctors presented at HCIM 2018 – The Art of Clowning: Connecting Culture, Health and Science Conference, which was held in Vienna, Austria earlier this month. Amnon Raviv gave a

Dream Doctors in Azerbaijan

Dream Doctors Penny Hanuka and Vitaly Azarin gave a training at the Thalassemia Center, in collaboration with the Azerbaijan Medical University and Azerbaijan University of Culture and Art. While in Baku,

Clownbulance Wish Granted

Dream Doctors Smadar Harpak, Limor Eshayek, Shira Sattler Friedlander, and Jack Shvili granted a very special wish in the Clownbulance, making 4-year-old Naya’s dream to visit the zoo come true!

Dream Doctors on the Main Stage at AIPAC 2018

Dream Doctors Avi Cohen, Hagar Hofesh, David Barashi, Shira Sattler Friedlander, and Herzel Ziyoni represented the Dream Doctors Project at this year’s AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC. Over the

Dream Doctors and Moose Toys Award 5 Research Grants

We are ecstatic to announce that the Dream Doctors Research Fund Sponsored by Moose Toys recently awarded grants to 5 research teams from hospitals and academic institutions across Israel. Their projects

New Research: Medical Clowns Improving Pulmonary Function Tests

Mazel tov to Dr. Vered Nir and her team, whose research has just been published! Dream Doctors Vitaly Azarin​, Javier Katz, and Katerina Teplizki were an important part of the study, which showed

New Research Published!

Assistance of Medical Clowns Improves the Physical Examinations of Children Aged 2–6 Years Dr. Noam Meiri​, Dream Doctors Amichi Ankri and Itay Nahmias​, and a team of researchers from the Technion evaluated the

In the News: Treating a young girl from Gaza

Medical clowning crosses all boundaries: language, religion, and culture This moving clip from Israel’s Channel 10 news tells the story (in Hebrew) of 3 year old Asil from Gaza

The Dream Doctors are going to Washington!

The Dream Doctors are going to AIPAC! Dream Doctors David “Dush” Barashi, Avraham “Dr. Sababa” Cohen, Hagar “Mimi” Hofesh, Shira “Shorty” Friedlander, and Herzel “Horatzio” Ziyoni were invited to

Dream Doctors Training “Doctor Clowns” in Moscow

Training the Next Generation of Russian Medical Clowns Dream Doctor Nimrod Eisenberg traveled to Moscow to train a new cohort of medical clowns from the Doctor Clowns group. It’s