In the News: Treating a young girl from Gaza

Medical clowning crosses all boundaries: language, religion, and culture This moving clip from Israel’s Channel 10 news tells the story (in Hebrew) of 3 year old Asil from Gaza

The Dream Doctors are going to Washington!

The Dream Doctors are going to AIPAC! Dream Doctors David “Dush” Barashi, Avraham “Dr. Sababa” Cohen, Hagar “Mimi” Hofesh, Shira “Shorty” Friedlander, and Herzel “Horatzio” Ziyoni were invited to

Dream Doctors Training “Doctor Clowns” in Moscow

Training the Next Generation of Russian Medical Clowns Dream Doctor Nimrod Eisenberg traveled to Moscow to train a new cohort of medical clowns from the Doctor Clowns group. It’s